troyI am an artist/graphic designer living in Colorado Springs where my wife Sara and I own Fixer Creative Co. a boutique that provides design and writing creative services. In 2012 we were selected as the designers for the new Colorado Springs logo, and were proud to serve those suffering from the devastating wildfires in Colorado as a part of the Wild Fire Tees team that same year. I am also one of the original members of The Modbo Colllective, a group of artists who work together and show at the Modbo and SPQR galleries in the arts alley district in downtown Colorado Springs.

As an artist I seek to express what it means to be human. I am interested in the ways life gives us bittersweet, and sometimes ironic, moments where we are faced with conflicting ideas. We may feel proud and disappointed or joyful and fearful all at the same time. I think navigating these complexities and what we choose to focus on determines what kind of person we become.

I tend to use a lot of mid-century design and vintage imagery to create my art, not only because I am in love with that era of American history and design, but because so much of that era was about being progressive and looking toward the future. Because it is in our past it this imagery makes us long for this time when things were supposed to be right with the world. It creates the perfect environment for us think about where we’ve been and where we are going.